I co-founded the Study of Religion as an Analytical Discipline Workshop in 2011. SORAAAD is the only annual workshop dedicated to innovating qualitative research methods for the study of religion. As of 2017, SORAAAD is now affiliated with the University of Regina, Religion Department

A home for analysts of religion, the workshop is designed as a day retreat to enable scholars to have direct contact with seasoned researchers and those pioneering new techniques for the analysis of religious phenomena. For those unable to travel, the workshop programs also function as mini-courses to enable professional development regardless of affiliation or research budget. Through @SORAAADWorkshop we support analysts of religion around the world by promoting research, calls for papers, publications, news, and conferences

Our theme for 2018, Race (and Racialization)and the Analytical Study of Religion.

  • 2011 The Study of Religion as an Analytical Discipline?