Greetings those of you have this link who have kindly weighed in with advice, outright schooled me on UX (thank you!), provided critical tips and/ or have connected me to those with professional experience/ academic specialization in this area. This page is a “back stage” to my portfolio, I am working revising what is visible with pages for the ISSRNC up on cinder blocks.

As you all know I am transitioning away from any dependence on academia, though I will manage SORAAAD to the end of days, and I am returning to that combination of Project Management, Information Architecture, and User Experience Research, Strategy and Design that was my life before I returned to Academia in the mid 00’s. For perspective, not long after the earth’s crust cooled, my start in all things User Experience was as a technical writer for the American Theological Library Association’s databases (I understand Qual indexing, instructional design, and designing explanatory graphics). I eventually learned to hand code HTML and moved to San Francisco where I ended up working on Information Architecture, User Interfaces/ User Experience, and project management. I ended up working on the earliest versions of Blackboard, designed HTML based courseware, produced online news, and ran a small agency. Overlapping much of this I issue coded documents for law firms. Most of you know of my formal background in intellectual history (qual coding) and qualitative methods/ mixed methods via my time in the Sociology department and that I have better than decent evaluations for the two courses I was allowed to TA at Vanderbilt.

On this page I am stashing raw materials (old resumes, teaching evals), and prototyping designs and “workshopping” professional messaging. Later I will list the specific “skills” for which i am building up endorsements on LinkedIn. As I close this project out, I will launch a page of links to various UX resources, recommended to me by Kasey Wang and those I have encountered UX symbol libraries, Sketch tutorials, blog pages that are particularly on point – I’ll add that link to the navigation for the site when it isn’t a grocery of list of links.

Current Resume Draft

I need to add a few details, this has feedback from Kelly, Francis and David (who accused me of underselling myself with regard to SORAAAD). I need to come up with phrasing that conveys my management of the details. This is important because I am trying to break into service design (think user experience meets ” on and off line supply chain”).


Resumes – Old School – 1 page

User Experience April 2019

Project Management April 2019

Teaching Evaluations

Aspects of World Religiosity
The NonViolent Struggle

LinkedIn – Skills/Endorsements

MID EDIT – I am assessing which items I am going to consolidate rec’s around.
So, votes for “what is a better idea than not” are very welcome.
In the next round I will clarify, “endorse if you are feeling it”

Strategic Planning

Information Architecture

User Experience Design

User Interface Design

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