Achieving critical mass for research on the environment and religion. 2007 Build

The International Society for the Study of Religion Nature and Culture (ISSRNC) was approaching its second conference with its website having been left in a state of disarray by a previous volunteer, on top of an idiosyncratic CSS build by the original developer. Initially brought on board to update the site, I discovered inconsistencies in the navigation and user experience across the site.

Working with founder Bron Taylor, I assessed, a site that not only housed the ISSRNC but also the Encyclopedia of Religion and Nature, and the Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature, and Culture. I redesigned the information architecture and user experience across channels, rewrote copy across the site, developed the content plan, supervised the developer/graphic designer working out of San Francisco, and QA’d the site prior to launch. Redesigned to scale over time, the 2007 redesign was the ISSRNC’s online presence until 2017.

I also supervised the recoding of the site in 2009 to correct for the original idiosyncratic CSS build, to ensure continued cross-browser compatibility, in time for the site to be used to support its third conference.

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