Implicit Religion: Organizational Strategy and Design

Having re-established the Implicit Religion conference after the passing of its founder Dr. Edward Bailey, Francis Stewart was faced with new challenges. First, how could Implicit Religion channel renewed enthusiasm and momentum? Second, how to strategize and design for opportunities for the Implicit Religion Trust in its new institutional home at Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincoln, UK. Having successfully completed Implicit Religion Conference #42, launched a second Implicit Religion Conference in the United States, and continued conferences on other aspect of punk and religion in the last year, the Implicit Religion Trust approved its biggest endeavor yet, the Fall 2019 launch of a research center.

We previously relied on a project site to review design comps, iterate and finalize graphics for social media campaigns. However, eliciting the vision to design the center’s activities and programming and to determine how to consolidate Implicit Religion’s online presence needed a more robust capacity for collaborative discovery and strategy work.

Eliciting the Client’s Vision

Still operating across time zones and thus limited windows for co-work, I taught Francis how to use MURAL. The teaching MURAL served as onboarding for both the software and the discovery and strategy process. We started discovery and strategy activities with a low-stakes exercise, planning for “IR42-Unicorn Edition.” Deliberately informal, the teaching MURAL demonstrated brain storming, initial and then refined tagging, while clarifying new ideas were welcome and could be easily integrated.

IR MURAL Client Demo

Onboarding: MURAL and Discovery Exercise

The client was encouraged to add her own notes and play with the features. Francis edited existing elements for next year’s conferences and added more: the teaching exercise morphed into the first virtual strategy session for the 2019-2020 academic year.

IR MURAL Client Input

Response: Client Notes Items for Development

Initiating Formal Discovery and Strategy

Francis is comfortable with MURAL and has begun to fill out a Project Profiler for the redesign of the website. Below, the MURAL we are using to review existing design elements before developing new digital and print materials for the conferences and the center.

IR MURAL Design Collateral Dev Board

Discovery: Design Collateral for Client Review and Comment (MURAL)

I will deploy additional MURALs to complete discovery and strategy. Our next step will be an “Idea Prioritization Board” to assess every item on the Implicit Religion Trust wishlist to gauge their potential impact and feasibility and then identify priorities, create a strategic plan and a development calendar.